Tablet Press Tooling By Chamunda-India- A technological Leap Forward….

The idea to launch a product in tablet form begins in the marketing department, but production people are ultimately responsible for producing the product that the marketing people envisioned. Production people are having ability to do that hinges on whether you have the right tooling. Without it, a launch delay or cancellation is inevitable.

Looks aren’t everything, but first impressions count. That’s why it’s important to consider the appearance of the product that production people plan to tablet. In fact, appearance plays such a vital role in consumer acceptance that selecting the tablet’s size, shape, and logo is typically left to people in the marketing department. In tableting science shape in solid oral dosage form is given by Tablet Tooling with the help of Tablet Press.

We embraced this opportunity an evolved as a manufacturer of Tablet Tooling’s which is designed for a range of Industries. Indeed, We are better than the other when it comes to Interchangeability.

toolingYour benefits at Glance while using our Tooling

  • Improved set-up time, up to 50%
  • Increased tablet press ‘up time’
  • Rapid re-tooling after cleaning
  • Less damage to tooling and the die table
  • Alignment tool for each product/machine
  • Trouble free fitting and removal

“Everything fits perfectly!” Because we have taken all aspects into consideration enlisted hereunder:-

  • Manufactured to the smallest tolerance
  • High Precision finish
  • Refined Material what else…

Our machining techniques are configured such that the position of the key way relative to the punch tips is extremely accurate, resulting in reduced tooling set-up and re-tooling times, as well as allowing for random loading of upper punches and spares. This increases the assurance for continuous, disruption-free production.

We are inviting you to take the advantages of CHAMUNDA make compression tooling!