Introducing first of it’s kind mini RC with Cake device and Granulator

A technological Leap Forward…. mini Roll Compactor cantilever with cake device and Granulator.

We are vastly proud and very happy to announce that we’ve got recently provided mini Roll Compactor cantilever with cake device and Granulator to Astron-India.

To modify the outline of our offering: All high performance drives and gears are maintenance-free and meet state-of-the art engineering standards. The drives, pump, WIP system and electrical cupboard are housed in a very separate section at the rear of the machine. All cables for the drives moreover because the tubes for the vacuum are within the machines, that facilitates the cleanup of the skin surface. The force between the rollers is adjusted elector-mechanically. The extremely stable construction ensures precise regulation and duplicate results. The noise emissions are pleasantly low.

Offers decisive benefits to be used in analysis. With this device, it’s doable to continually method terribly tiny amounts of powder mixtures. once experiments are administrated, the findings associated with the machine parameters is in real time tested on their quality for larger scale production while not mechanical changes to the machine Visual monitoring:

mini roll compactorRoller compactor feeds the powder in 2 stages. The horizontal metering screw transports the powder from the feeder bowl to the vertical compression screw that successively feeds it to the compaction rolls. At this time the powder flow is assessed through the scrutiny glasses.

Variable gap control:

The adjustment of gap distance takes place elector-mechanically. A synchronous servo-motor accurately regulates the space of the roll gap. A hydraulic combination, with its complicated maintenance, is distributed with. The roller compactor parameters are bonded even with high press forces attributable to the torsion-resistant construction of the machine.

Low-capacity feed system:

The low-capacity possibility, victimization rolls with particularly tiny diameters, offers the chance of using lowest amounts of chemicals. During this manner, the machine is used sort of a laboratory instrument for analysis functions.

Easy cleaning:

Special stress has been ordered on straightforward dismantling of the elements that have inherited contact with the chemicals. The complete feed system is simply and quickly razed by hand while not tools. So as to get rid of the compaction rolls with flanges, the rolls separate mechanically (max. gap). The rolls are hollow and so light-weight for additional simple handling. The compression roll scrapers is removed and reinserted while not readjustments. This feature saves additional time once disassembling and cleanup the roller compactor. All motors and equipment mechanisms are placed in a very separate machine casing. The lifting column is extended and backward weightlessly by unlatching 2 quick-release fasteners.


  • cut back mud formation at less by the handling with bulk.
  • The ultimate granulate is formed of consistent compound that not will segregate by the transport.
  • Contiguous pressure oftentimes he particle cut back the air wetness absorption.
  • You’ll get free-flowing granulate for higher method.
  • The chemical agent will handle by the hardness of the granulate.

In brief, the flexibility of our machines-Mini Roll Compactor with Cake device and Granulator permits USA to method just about every kind of powder, even the foremost tough ones. And with our ingenious machine style, the cleanup cycles are quick and thorough, sanctioning you to modify between batches fleetly. Heat transfer to the rolls is unbroken at AN absolute minimum that is very crucial for food applications and alternative heat sensitive substances.

Of course we are able to offer you…if you actually wish us too.