Benefits of Giga Press GMP Model in the Health Sector

Giga Press GMP Model has been manufactured using the latest technology available in the market. It has been specially designed with several ‘easy to use’ features while manufacturing tablets. Pharmaceutical units using Giga Press have benefited with this high speed tablet manufacturing machine with increased mass production. It has a sturdy body meeting the consideration for GMP standards. Its control panels can be easily operated manually also, for high end production. Giga Press GMP Model meets efficiency, environmental safety and economic efficiency.

In this modern era, every industry demands fast results. Today with growing number of health issues, one looks forward for high end machinery in the pharmaceutical sector. We at Chamunda are pleased to presents high speed tablet machine named ‘Giga Press GMP Model’. Giga Press is one of the best pharmaceutical high speed tablet presses available in the market. It is unique in itself with several benefits and is customized as per the needs of customers. This tablet press machine is used widely around the world and all its users get benefited from it. It provides excellent quality as well as quantity along with mass production on large scale. Apart from this, it has also benefited several pharmaceutical companies in expansion of their business from the profit perspective. Giga Press is a must today for all industries involved in the production of medicines as per the increasing demand in the health sector.


Giga Press GMP Model is a tablet manufacturing machine and can be used for large batch production with increased productivity. It has several salient features listed below which leads to efficient functioning and manufacturing of tablets.

 Salient Features

 It is an advanced double sided high speed tableting machine which is used in mass production of tablets and this model is in compliance with cGMP guidelines.

  • Each time you operate it, the output rate maximizes up to 583,200 tablets per hour.
  • Its sturdy body enables excellent accessibility for quick cleaning after production.
  • All its control panels are in front along with the main motor and a force feeder motor driven through ACVFD.
  • Its unique feature includes force feeder drive from the bottom portion of the Giga Press.
  • Auto Lubrication feature in Giga Press ensures smooth tableting as well as functioning of this tablet press.
  • There’s a pre-compression system to ensure that granules of different sizes are well designed and compressed in the same size up to the smallest tablet size available in the market. This has improved tablet quality during production process itself.
  • The hydraulic poser pack system is an excellent add on feature of this model.
  • Upper punch penetration makes punching easier while production of tablets and the upper guards can be safely interlocked too.
  • Some optional features are the PLC system, SCADA system with computer interface and Hydro-Pneumatic system.

This is proven model, well tested and established itself at testing center of Chamunda and as well as many reputed Pharma companies within India and abroad. It is a well desired for your company if you are into large scale production of tablets and wish to get quick output.

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