Process of High Shear Mixer Granulators

A high shear mixer granulators disperses, or transports, one section or ingredient (liquid, solid, gas) into a main continuous section (liquid), with that it’d usually be incompatible. A rotor or vane, in conjunction with a stationary part called a mechanical device, or associate array of rotors and stators, is employed either during a tank containing the answer to be mixed, or during a pipe through that the answer passes, to make shear. A high-shear mixer are often wont to produce emulsions, suspensions, (gas distributed in liquid), and granular product. it’s utilized in the adhesives, chemical, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries for emulsification, homogenization, particle size reduction, and dispersion.

High-shear granulators

A high-shear granulator may be a method array consisting of associate inline or batch high-shear mixer and a fluid-bed drier. during a granulation method, solely the solid part of the mixture is needed. Fluid is employed solely as associate aid to process. The high-shear mixer processes the solid material right down to the required particle size, and therefore the mixture is then tense to the drying bed wherever the fluid is removed, jilting the granular product.


Principles of work

Fluid undergoes shear once one space of fluid travels with a distinct speed relative to associate adjacent space. A high-shear mixer uses a rotating vane or high-speed rotor, or a series of such impellers or inline rotors, sometimes high-powered by an electrical motor, to “work” the fluid, making flow and shear. The tip speed, or speed of the fluid at the surface diameter of the rotor, is going to be beyond the speed at the middle of the rotor, and it’s this speed distinction that makes shear.

A stationary part could also be utilized in combination with the rotor, and is observed because the mechanical device. The mechanical device creates a close-clearance gap between the rotor and itself and forms a particularly high-shear zone for the fabric because it exits the rotor. The rotor and mechanical device combined along are usually observed because the admixture head, or generator. an outsized high-shear rotor–stator mixer could contain variety of generators.

Key style factors embrace the diameter of the rotor and its motility speed, the gap between the rotor and therefore the mechanical device, the time within the mixer, and therefore the range of generators within the series. Variables embrace the quantity of rows of teeth, their angle, and therefore the breadth of the openings between teeth.