Continuous Fluid Bed Processor – R & D Model

This process equipment is designed to provide continuous output for free flowing powder. It’s integrated design offers mobility without the hassle for connecting / disconnecting inlet & exhaust ducts.

The Continuous Fluid Bed Processor comprises of Chamber Pre-heating, Material Charging, Coating, Drying & Discharge in a linear form using air as its conveying medium.

Access points provided at strategic locations ensures optimum ergonomics for cleaning & minimum maintenance required.

Special Features

  • Integrated Mobile system, with Plug & Play setup*.
  • Continues & Automatic material feeding & discharge.
  • Gentle fluidization as a result of small depth of material.
  • Integrated WIP system with access ports for easy cleaning & maintenance.
  • Can be used for a process range between 1 Kg to 15 Kg. (Depending on Material properties & Flow)
  • Actuated dampers combined with VFD & peristaltic pump ensures complete control over the process.
  • Optional Bottom Spray Arrangement provided.
  • HMI based system offers vital feedback for process control & log.
  • Designed in accordance with cGMP norms.