Communiting mill-Essential machine for Size Reduction

Some of the bulk solids you use in your manufacturing process aren’t optimally sized when they arrive at your plant. If the bulk solids are too large, you must use size reduction (also called milling or communication) to make them smaller before introducing them into your process.

Some of the most common reasons for reducing a material are to:-

•    Create appropriate particle sizes for subsequent processing or end use.
•    Create a free-flowing material.
•    Improve material blending and prevent segregation by making different sized products with similar particle size distributions.
•    Increase the material’s surface area to improve a material’s re-activeness (or availability) or drying efficiency.
•    Control a material’s bulk density by creating a particle size distribution consisting of a matrix of larger particles with smaller particles filling the voids between the larger particles.

commuting-millWhen it comes to milling hard, crystalline or fibrous products, there is often no alternative to the Communiting Mill. The innovative leader-CHANDA in particle forming technology brings the details of it’s most successful machine called Communiting Mills, which is recognized worldwide as the industry standard for precision particle size reduction. The Mill is ideal for use in continuous or batch production, research, and product development as the following features highlight:

•    Wide range of process possibilities
•    Predictable and consistent end results
•    Compact GMP design
•    Directly scalable to larger units
•    Quiet operation
•    Low dusting and low heat
•    Stringent GMP standards
•    Easy and complete disassemble for cleaning and inspection
•    Process components separated from technical area
•    Scale up capability from lab to production equipment.

We are offering a gamut of Communiting mill to choose from. Out of five model customers can select the best match according to their requirement. Please take a look at the literature for Communiting Mill I, I’ve enclosed. I assure you the few minutes will be well spent.

At Chamunda, You are invited to discuss your requirement pertaining to size reduction. Our machines lead to result’s achievement and diminished your cost.