Chamunda unveil the features of revolutionary Bi-Layer R&D Tablet Press

Interesting things are happening at CHAMUNDA, and we want to share some important news with you.

In today’s competitive marketplace, Pharma companies must constantly strive to keep their edge. They need to be at least five steps ahead of everyone else in introducing new products, which forces them to come out with separate R&D facility. The recent letter of many pharma companies cited that Bi-Layer Tablet Press is Pre-Requisite for R&D facility. This is the reason that why we introduce Bi-Layer Tablet press for R&D.

bi layerWhat’s in our Bi-Layer Tablet Press?

    • 1-/2- Layer Tablet Press
    • Available in 9 Station “D” Tooling, 9 Station (3“D”+3”B”+3”BB”),11 Station “B” Tooling, 10 Station (5 “D”+5 “B”)
    • Adapt for Small Quantity
    • First Layer Compression 4 Ton and Final Compression is of 4 Ton
    • Vibration Free
    • Front Control/MMI
    • Dust Free
    • Mobile and Compact
    • Mixed Turret(D+B,D+BB,B+BB) Design on request
    • First Layer Weight by Pneumatic Ejection and second layer by total weight. ……….Refer attached presentation to know more about our offering.

The biggest improvement has been in the controls, the weight control of the first layer and second layer, and the sampling of the first layer. The improvements have given pharmaceutical companies more control over each layer and the ability to sample each layer and reject tablets if they’re out of spec.

We have considered many needed features in our Bi-Layer R&D Tablet Press for easy scale up. It is a small-scale press which is ideal for product development, scale-up, clinical trials and mid-range production.

This is just one of many interesting developments. Write us to find out more.