Continuous Fluid Bed Processor – R & D Model

This process equipment is designed to provide continuous output for free flowing powder. It’s integrated design offers mobility without the hassle for connecting / disconnecting inlet & exhaust ducts.

The Continuous Fluid Bed Processor comprises of Chamber Pre-heating, Material Charging, Coating, Drying & Discharge in a linear form using air as its conveying medium.

Access points provided at strategic locations ensures optimum ergonomics for cleaning & minimum maintenance required.

Special Features

  • Integrated Mobile system, with Plug & Play setup*.
  • Continues & Automatic material feeding & discharge.
  • Gentle fluidization as a result of small depth of material.
  • Integrated WIP system with access ports for easy cleaning & maintenance.
  • Can be used for a process range between 1 Kg to 15 Kg. (Depending on Material properties & Flow)
  • Actuated dampers combined with VFD & peristaltic pump ensures complete control over the process.
  • Optional Bottom Spray Arrangement provided.
  • HMI based system offers vital feedback for process control & log.
  • Designed in accordance with cGMP norms.

High Speed Tablet Press Machine

Chamunda Pharma Machinery has once again proved its engineering expertise by adding another feather in its cap by the launch of élan… a unique sophisticated and robust high speed double rotary tablet press.  élan is first and one of its kind in India with unique features of:

  • Producing upto 1 million tablets per hour
  • Availability in semi and fully automatic versions
  • Turret speed of 100 RPM max.
  • With pre & main compression of 10 ton each

This square model of high speed double rotary tablet press strictly adheres to most modern cGMP norms with respect to design, safety, convenience and cross contamination free operation. élan meets the contemporary parameters of large batch production with optimum operation and maintenance cost, thereby giving highest returns.



  • High speed turret up to 100 RPM
  • Direct drive with ACVFD
  • Pre compression force upto 10 ton
  • Main compression force upto 10 ton
  • Front controls for machine & tablet parameters
  • Zero clearance force feeder with ACVFD
  • Swing type pressure roll (Main & Pre)
  • PLC with 10” touch screen color HMI
  • Comprehensive CFC automation – Fully Automatic Controls through Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System (SCADA) with 21 CFR part 11 compliance

élan is being launched officially at Pharmatech Expo 2016 during 21st – 23rd August 2016 in Ahmedabad – Gujarat. This is first time in Indian Pharmaceutical Machinery Industry that such an elite tablet press is launched and is at par with international standards, yet offering flexibility of semi-automatic model in this segment.

élan a Double Rotary high speed (100 RPM) machine is for higher tablet output with 10 ton pre – compression and ten ton main compression capable of max ONE MILLION TABLETS PER HOUR. This output is one of the highest among India’s largest manufactures and high end European tablet making machines. This Machine stands out due to its new aesthetic look and ergonomically compact design and is benefitted with higher tablet output. It combines in one machine the sophistication that today’s tableting requirements together with well proven mechanical components and modular design. This tablet manufacturing machine fabricated from the perfect quality material, which makes this highly reliable and durable. It is fully capable of making different size and shape of tablets. This machine is sturdy enough to be used in a 24/7 production environment. The implementation of the advanced technology and sophisticated engineering makes this machinery the perfect in the marketplace. Another major price competitive advantage – this machine would be the first in the industry with semi automatic variant.

élan is the outcome of the proficiency of our experts who manufacture these with the help of the advanced technology in compliance to the international standards of quality. This Double Rotary High Speed Tablet Making Machines provides excellent throughput apt for various batch manufacturing. This machine is ideally designed by skilled professional along with the experienced engineers and technicians of our company. This machine has exceptional provisions such as Acrylic carbonate upper guards, Electromagnetic Clutch, & Lower Guards etc.

élan is the perfect blend of technical features, performance and optimum capital cost. This offers problem free operations, robustly for comprehensive time period with no breaks. It is exceptionally strong as well as trouble-free to maintain and clean, very enduring as well as truly faultless for tablet making operations.

For more details please contact Chamunda Pharma Machinery Pvt Ltd. email –

Benefits of Giga Press GMP Model in the Health Sector

Giga Press GMP Model has been manufactured using the latest technology available in the market. It has been specially designed with several ‘easy to use’ features while manufacturing tablets. Pharmaceutical units using Giga Press have benefited with this high speed tablet manufacturing machine with increased mass production. It has a sturdy body meeting the consideration for GMP standards. Its control panels can be easily operated manually also, for high end production. Giga Press GMP Model meets efficiency, environmental safety and economic efficiency.

In this modern era, every industry demands fast results. Today with growing number of health issues, one looks forward for high end machinery in the pharmaceutical sector. We at Chamunda are pleased to presents high speed tablet machine named ‘Giga Press GMP Model’. Giga Press is one of the best pharmaceutical high speed tablet presses available in the market. It is unique in itself with several benefits and is customized as per the needs of customers. This tablet press machine is used widely around the world and all its users get benefited from it. It provides excellent quality as well as quantity along with mass production on large scale. Apart from this, it has also benefited several pharmaceutical companies in expansion of their business from the profit perspective. Giga Press is a must today for all industries involved in the production of medicines as per the increasing demand in the health sector.


Giga Press GMP Model is a tablet manufacturing machine and can be used for large batch production with increased productivity. It has several salient features listed below which leads to efficient functioning and manufacturing of tablets.

 Salient Features

 It is an advanced double sided high speed tableting machine which is used in mass production of tablets and this model is in compliance with cGMP guidelines.

  • Each time you operate it, the output rate maximizes up to 583,200 tablets per hour.
  • Its sturdy body enables excellent accessibility for quick cleaning after production.
  • All its control panels are in front along with the main motor and a force feeder motor driven through ACVFD.
  • Its unique feature includes force feeder drive from the bottom portion of the Giga Press.
  • Auto Lubrication feature in Giga Press ensures smooth tableting as well as functioning of this tablet press.
  • There’s a pre-compression system to ensure that granules of different sizes are well designed and compressed in the same size up to the smallest tablet size available in the market. This has improved tablet quality during production process itself.
  • The hydraulic poser pack system is an excellent add on feature of this model.
  • Upper punch penetration makes punching easier while production of tablets and the upper guards can be safely interlocked too.
  • Some optional features are the PLC system, SCADA system with computer interface and Hydro-Pneumatic system.

This is proven model, well tested and established itself at testing center of Chamunda and as well as many reputed Pharma companies within India and abroad. It is a well desired for your company if you are into large scale production of tablets and wish to get quick output.

Chamunda Pharma Machinery Pvt. Ltd specializes in solid machinery manufacture from the past 30 years. We deliver engineering and servicing with cost effective tableting solutions. Visit high speed tablet to know more about us.

Process of High Shear Mixer Granulators

A high shear mixer granulators disperses, or transports, one section or ingredient (liquid, solid, gas) into a main continuous section (liquid), with that it’d usually be incompatible. A rotor or vane, in conjunction with a stationary part called a mechanical device, or associate array of rotors and stators, is employed either during a tank containing the answer to be mixed, or during a pipe through that the answer passes, to make shear. A high-shear mixer are often wont to produce emulsions, suspensions, (gas distributed in liquid), and granular product. it’s utilized in the adhesives, chemical, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries for emulsification, homogenization, particle size reduction, and dispersion.

High-shear granulators

A high-shear granulator may be a method array consisting of associate inline or batch high-shear mixer and a fluid-bed drier. during a granulation method, solely the solid part of the mixture is needed. Fluid is employed solely as associate aid to process. The high-shear mixer processes the solid material right down to the required particle size, and therefore the mixture is then tense to the drying bed wherever the fluid is removed, jilting the granular product.


Principles of work

Fluid undergoes shear once one space of fluid travels with a distinct speed relative to associate adjacent space. A high-shear mixer uses a rotating vane or high-speed rotor, or a series of such impellers or inline rotors, sometimes high-powered by an electrical motor, to “work” the fluid, making flow and shear. The tip speed, or speed of the fluid at the surface diameter of the rotor, is going to be beyond the speed at the middle of the rotor, and it’s this speed distinction that makes shear.

A stationary part could also be utilized in combination with the rotor, and is observed because the mechanical device. The mechanical device creates a close-clearance gap between the rotor and itself and forms a particularly high-shear zone for the fabric because it exits the rotor. The rotor and mechanical device combined along are usually observed because the admixture head, or generator. an outsized high-shear rotor–stator mixer could contain variety of generators.

Key style factors embrace the diameter of the rotor and its motility speed, the gap between the rotor and therefore the mechanical device, the time within the mixer, and therefore the range of generators within the series. Variables embrace the quantity of rows of teeth, their angle, and therefore the breadth of the openings between teeth.

Chamunda unveil the features of revolutionary Bi-Layer R&D Tablet Press

Interesting things are happening at CHAMUNDA, and we want to share some important news with you.

In today’s competitive marketplace, Pharma companies must constantly strive to keep their edge. They need to be at least five steps ahead of everyone else in introducing new products, which forces them to come out with separate R&D facility. The recent letter of many pharma companies cited that Bi-Layer Tablet Press is Pre-Requisite for R&D facility. This is the reason that why we introduce Bi-Layer Tablet press for R&D.

bi layerWhat’s in our Bi-Layer Tablet Press?

    • 1-/2- Layer Tablet Press
    • Available in 9 Station “D” Tooling, 9 Station (3“D”+3”B”+3”BB”),11 Station “B” Tooling, 10 Station (5 “D”+5 “B”)
    • Adapt for Small Quantity
    • First Layer Compression 4 Ton and Final Compression is of 4 Ton
    • Vibration Free
    • Front Control/MMI
    • Dust Free
    • Mobile and Compact
    • Mixed Turret(D+B,D+BB,B+BB) Design on request
    • First Layer Weight by Pneumatic Ejection and second layer by total weight. ……….Refer attached presentation to know more about our offering.

The biggest improvement has been in the controls, the weight control of the first layer and second layer, and the sampling of the first layer. The improvements have given pharmaceutical companies more control over each layer and the ability to sample each layer and reject tablets if they’re out of spec.

We have considered many needed features in our Bi-Layer R&D Tablet Press for easy scale up. It is a small-scale press which is ideal for product development, scale-up, clinical trials and mid-range production.

This is just one of many interesting developments. Write us to find out more.

Communiting mill-Essential machine for Size Reduction

Some of the bulk solids you use in your manufacturing process aren’t optimally sized when they arrive at your plant. If the bulk solids are too large, you must use size reduction (also called milling or communication) to make them smaller before introducing them into your process.

Some of the most common reasons for reducing a material are to:-

•    Create appropriate particle sizes for subsequent processing or end use.
•    Create a free-flowing material.
•    Improve material blending and prevent segregation by making different sized products with similar particle size distributions.
•    Increase the material’s surface area to improve a material’s re-activeness (or availability) or drying efficiency.
•    Control a material’s bulk density by creating a particle size distribution consisting of a matrix of larger particles with smaller particles filling the voids between the larger particles.

commuting-millWhen it comes to milling hard, crystalline or fibrous products, there is often no alternative to the Communiting Mill. The innovative leader-CHANDA in particle forming technology brings the details of it’s most successful machine called Communiting Mills, which is recognized worldwide as the industry standard for precision particle size reduction. The Mill is ideal for use in continuous or batch production, research, and product development as the following features highlight:

•    Wide range of process possibilities
•    Predictable and consistent end results
•    Compact GMP design
•    Directly scalable to larger units
•    Quiet operation
•    Low dusting and low heat
•    Stringent GMP standards
•    Easy and complete disassemble for cleaning and inspection
•    Process components separated from technical area
•    Scale up capability from lab to production equipment.

We are offering a gamut of Communiting mill to choose from. Out of five model customers can select the best match according to their requirement. Please take a look at the literature for Communiting Mill I, I’ve enclosed. I assure you the few minutes will be well spent.

At Chamunda, You are invited to discuss your requirement pertaining to size reduction. Our machines lead to result’s achievement and diminished your cost.

Tablet Press Tooling By Chamunda-India- A technological Leap Forward….

The idea to launch a product in tablet form begins in the marketing department, but production people are ultimately responsible for producing the product that the marketing people envisioned. Production people are having ability to do that hinges on whether you have the right tooling. Without it, a launch delay or cancellation is inevitable.

Looks aren’t everything, but first impressions count. That’s why it’s important to consider the appearance of the product that production people plan to tablet. In fact, appearance plays such a vital role in consumer acceptance that selecting the tablet’s size, shape, and logo is typically left to people in the marketing department. In tableting science shape in solid oral dosage form is given by Tablet Tooling with the help of Tablet Press.

We embraced this opportunity an evolved as a manufacturer of Tablet Tooling’s which is designed for a range of Industries. Indeed, We are better than the other when it comes to Interchangeability.

toolingYour benefits at Glance while using our Tooling

  • Improved set-up time, up to 50%
  • Increased tablet press ‘up time’
  • Rapid re-tooling after cleaning
  • Less damage to tooling and the die table
  • Alignment tool for each product/machine
  • Trouble free fitting and removal

“Everything fits perfectly!” Because we have taken all aspects into consideration enlisted hereunder:-

  • Manufactured to the smallest tolerance
  • High Precision finish
  • Refined Material what else…

Our machining techniques are configured such that the position of the key way relative to the punch tips is extremely accurate, resulting in reduced tooling set-up and re-tooling times, as well as allowing for random loading of upper punches and spares. This increases the assurance for continuous, disruption-free production.

We are inviting you to take the advantages of CHAMUNDA make compression tooling!

Octagonal Blender

In our line of business we want to be the epitome of Innovative Strength and excellence!

We are offering a gamut of Pharma Blender. Octagonal Blender, IBC Blender, Double Cone Blender, V Blender of consignments is widely applauded for having features like excellent performance, low energy consumption and longer service life. These are manufactured by high quality material and offered at application specific price.

Backed by the profound experience of the clients, we are offering an exquisite range of Octagonal Blender. Octagonal Blender, due to its octagonal shape is designed to process larger volume of material. It occupies less space compared to other similar blenders like ‘V’ and Double Cone, Isn’t it!


  • Dry powder mixing for tablets and capsules formulations
  • Dry granules sub lots mixing to increase the batch size at bulk lubrication stage of tablet granules.

Octagonal Blender 2000Ltr with Vacuum Loading SystemOur Range of OB has gained appreciation on following merits:

  • Power consumption is less.
  • OB is a slow speed blender and has removable type baffles mounted on a rectangular shell.
  • The important feature of the machine is easy to wash in place.
  • Zero Jerk Load as machine is both dynamic and statically balanced.
  • The baffles are eliminated with blending profile analysis available.
  • Complete Design engineering along with the Extrapolation data available.
  • Maintenance free design.
  • Detailed torque calculation for the Bin; loading Model available.
  • Pneumatically actuated valves for dust free transfers.
  • Bins with Level sensory for automatic cut off.
  • Mechanical Seals on shafts for Pneumatic connections.
  • cGMP design for ease of cleaning.
  • CE Certified can be provided on request.

Octagonal blender can be supplied with a bin charging system (Optional) or can be designed for vacuum charging (Optional). Dust free charging system is also incorporated, which is a completely closed system for charging and discharging of powders or granules.

Design Highlights:-

The machine basically consists of shell welded with conical Octagonal shape ends and supported with sturdy supports on both side. The right hand side shaft is connected to a

Gearbox by means of chain and sprockets, which in turn is coupled to an electric motor. The whole drive assembly is covered with S.S. side panel. The inside portion of Octa body is mirror polished and the Outside surface of Octa body; frame & guards are matt polished.

Ease in Operation:

The material to be mixed is charged in machine either manually from top or bin charging system or vacuum charging system and then the port is locked positively. Then blender is started to preset blending time. At the end of process, machine is stopped and the product is transferred to process containers by opening the butterfly value.

We encourage reader to review attached snap and post your valuable feedback if any.

Introducing first of it’s kind mini RC with Cake device and Granulator

A technological Leap Forward…. mini Roll Compactor cantilever with cake device and Granulator.

We are vastly proud and very happy to announce that we’ve got recently provided mini Roll Compactor cantilever with cake device and Granulator to Astron-India.

To modify the outline of our offering: All high performance drives and gears are maintenance-free and meet state-of-the art engineering standards. The drives, pump, WIP system and electrical cupboard are housed in a very separate section at the rear of the machine. All cables for the drives moreover because the tubes for the vacuum are within the machines, that facilitates the cleanup of the skin surface. The force between the rollers is adjusted elector-mechanically. The extremely stable construction ensures precise regulation and duplicate results. The noise emissions are pleasantly low.

Offers decisive benefits to be used in analysis. With this device, it’s doable to continually method terribly tiny amounts of powder mixtures. once experiments are administrated, the findings associated with the machine parameters is in real time tested on their quality for larger scale production while not mechanical changes to the machine Visual monitoring:

mini roll compactorRoller compactor feeds the powder in 2 stages. The horizontal metering screw transports the powder from the feeder bowl to the vertical compression screw that successively feeds it to the compaction rolls. At this time the powder flow is assessed through the scrutiny glasses.

Variable gap control:

The adjustment of gap distance takes place elector-mechanically. A synchronous servo-motor accurately regulates the space of the roll gap. A hydraulic combination, with its complicated maintenance, is distributed with. The roller compactor parameters are bonded even with high press forces attributable to the torsion-resistant construction of the machine.

Low-capacity feed system:

The low-capacity possibility, victimization rolls with particularly tiny diameters, offers the chance of using lowest amounts of chemicals. During this manner, the machine is used sort of a laboratory instrument for analysis functions.

Easy cleaning:

Special stress has been ordered on straightforward dismantling of the elements that have inherited contact with the chemicals. The complete feed system is simply and quickly razed by hand while not tools. So as to get rid of the compaction rolls with flanges, the rolls separate mechanically (max. gap). The rolls are hollow and so light-weight for additional simple handling. The compression roll scrapers is removed and reinserted while not readjustments. This feature saves additional time once disassembling and cleanup the roller compactor. All motors and equipment mechanisms are placed in a very separate machine casing. The lifting column is extended and backward weightlessly by unlatching 2 quick-release fasteners.


  • cut back mud formation at less by the handling with bulk.
  • The ultimate granulate is formed of consistent compound that not will segregate by the transport.
  • Contiguous pressure oftentimes he particle cut back the air wetness absorption.
  • You’ll get free-flowing granulate for higher method.
  • The chemical agent will handle by the hardness of the granulate.

In brief, the flexibility of our machines-Mini Roll Compactor with Cake device and Granulator permits USA to method just about every kind of powder, even the foremost tough ones. And with our ingenious machine style, the cleanup cycles are quick and thorough, sanctioning you to modify between batches fleetly. Heat transfer to the rolls is unbroken at AN absolute minimum that is very crucial for food applications and alternative heat sensitive substances.

Of course we are able to offer you…if you actually wish us too.